Artemis and Rock Paper Simple Partner with the Brevard Zoo! 

The Brevard Zoo relies on your generosity to care for all 900 of their residents—and given today’s ongoing economic hardships, that generosity is more crucial than ever. Donate now and your donation will be matched! Will you help us reach our goal of caring for at least four animals at the Brevard Zoo? 

Become an Animal Guardian and Support These Four Animals!

The teams at Artemis and Rock Paper Simple have decided to help, but we need your help too. We want to support four animals and each guardianship costs $1200 in donations.

Any donation you make, whether that be $10, $100, $500 or more, will be matched until we meet our goal of supporting these four animals!

Donors that wish to fully sponsor an animal on their own (and receive signage at the zoo with their name), may donate a full $1200 or commit to $100/m.

Learn more about the fundraiser and why it matters!

Artemis and Rock Paper Simple have teamed up to serve our community! We hope you will join us in making a difference here on the Space Coast.

-Travis Proctor

-Joshua Adams

All donations go directly to the Brevard Zoo through their platform and are used for the Animal Guardian program. Artemis and Rock Paper Simple do not handle any of the funds raised.